Quality Persistence
  • "Continuous improvement, pursuit of excellence" is our insistence on quality
  • Product quality cannot be compromised, and promises to customers cannot be compromised
  • Supplier management, incoming material inspection, process management and outgoing inspection, all follow the ISO9001 quality management system standard
  • Uninterrupted education and training to ensure that all employees recognize the quality assurance
Production Flow
Incoming material quality control
  • Supplier quality management
  • Incoming material inspection
Incoming material quality control
Process Quality Control
  • Product first article inspection
  • Self-inspection by operators
  • Quality Assurance Cycle Inspection
  • Production quality assurance
Process Quality Control
Finished product quality control
  • Inspection of finished products before warehousing
  • Finished product quality assurance
Finished product quality control
Outgoing quality control
  • Outgoing quality Inspection
  • Outgoing quality assurance
Outgoing quality control
Inspection Equipment
Non-contact Image Measure System
Equipped with a high-resolution and high-precision color camera to accurately measure the size through magnification.
Illumination Meter
Accurately measure illuminance, color temperature, CRI, spectrogram, and light measurement related data.
We use Mitutoyo LCD vernier calipers from Japan to ensure that the size and tolerance requirements.
Melt Flow Indexer
To detect the Melt Index of raw materials to ensure the quality and stability of raw materials.
Moisture Analyzer
To quickly determine the free water content of chemical raw material samples.
Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber
Simulate the environment of high temperature and high humidity to test the material change and strength attenuation of our products.
ISO9001:2015 Certificate