Material Service

We insist on using 100% virgin materials.

We insist on using international branded raw materials (Sumipex, Mitsubishi, Evonik)

We insist on keeping sample records of raw materials, all raw materials are traceable.

Available Material
  • PMMA (Acrylic)
  • PMMA (High Impact)
  • PC (Polycarbonate)
  • ABS. PS. MS. and other kind of plastics
Available Color
  • Transparent
  • Milky white
  • Satine
  • Customized color
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Technical Service
SME is a customer driven company. Only satisfied customer will ensure our continued success. Buying goods from SME you can have a comprehensive consulting service package.
The following are some of the systems that we implemented to provide our customers with the excellent support and service.
  • We developed on line catalogue for our customers.
  • Stock system always offers efficient prompt delivery.
  • Samples available for most of our products.
  • Our home-made moulds offer fast and precision work to ensure customers' satisfaction.
  • Efficient ISO-9001 managing system ensures quality stability.
Customer service line: +886-2-27649981
Our customer service and technical support staff have extensive knowledge of plastic materials and is always trying to improve customer service.
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To Process Acrylic Products
Packaging Service
Well carton packaging, Easy to storage.
SMEACRYLIC® packaging advantages
  • Exclusive shrink film packaging slows down the water absorption of acrylic
  • Giving you a good cutting experience
  • Effectively avoid scratches on acrylic tube surface during cutting
  • Small tubes are bundled to increase the strength and are not easy to break
  • Bubble Wrap protects the tubes druing transportation
  • Carton protection, convenient for warehouse management
  • Square package, maximizing the storage capacity of the warehouse
Production Machine
Profile Extrusion Machines : 22 lines
Acrylic Rods
Acrylic Tubes
Other Profiles
3,500tons / yr
Production Capacity
Acrylic and GPPS Sheet Extrusion Machines : 3 lines
Acrylic Flat Sheet
Thickness: 1.5mm~6mm
Width: max width1280mm
Acrylic Diffusers Sheet
TThickness: 1.5mm~6mm
Width: max width: 1280mm.
GPPS Flat Sheet
Thickness: 1.5mm~6mm
Width: Max width 1250mm
GPPS Patterned Sheet
Thickness: 2.0mm~5.0mm
Width: Max width 1250mm
GPPS Diffusers Sheet
Thickness: 1.5mm~5.0mm
Width: Max width 1250mm
PC Sheet Extrusion Machines: 5 lines
Solid Sheet Machine
TManufacturer: BREYER, Germany
Width: Max width 1950mm
Thickness:1.6mm ~ 12mm
Optical Corrugated Sheet Machine
Manufacturer: EDI, USA
Width: Max width 940mm
Thickness: 0.6mm ~ 2.0mm
Embossed Sheet Machine
Manufactuer: KOTAMA, Japan
Width: Max width1950mm
Thickness:1.6mm ~ 6.0mm
Max Capacity: 800kg/per hr