Type of polishing for Acrylic

Q: How to deal with rough surface after acrylic processing?

There will be traces of wire cuts on the surface of the cut acrylic. At this time, polishing can be used to restore the transparent and bright effect of the acrylic. The polishing methods are divided into manual polishing, flame burning, cloth wheel polishing, and sharp knife. Scraping, or polishing (flat) with a professional diamond polishing machine.

◆Flat Polishing Machine:Flatten the knife mark section cut by the saw blade with a flat polishing tool.

◆ Cloth Wheel Polishing:The surface of the cloth wheel is smeared with abrasive soil, contacted with the acrylic surface, and the rough surface is polished brightly.


 Flame PolishingBurn the knife mark section into a bright surface.


 Diamond Machine Polishing:Cut the acrylic surface with a diamond cutter to make it shiny.