Automotive Ambient Light (LGR-R)

                                                    Automotive Ambient Light (LGR-R)

                                                    Automotive Ambient Light (LGR-R)

                                                    Automotive Ambient Light (LGR-R)

Automotive Ambient Light (LGR-R)

The Automotive Ambient Light(LGR-R) developed by SME adopts a co-extrusion process, so that the transparent acrylic material and the white reflective material are integrally formed to achieve the best reflection effect. Through the white reflective layer on the light guide, when the light source injected from one end or two ends, all the light is reflected into the light guide to increase the light utilization rate and improve the overall brightness and illuminance to achieve the best lighting effect.

Through our professional R&D team, we have developed a series of reflection type light guides with different designs that can meet the various needs of customers. We will also discuss various customized designs with customers from a professional perspective. Automotive Ambient Light is widely used in automotive headlights and taillights, shell decoration of home appliances and display lights of industrial parts. It is recommended to use a single-sided light within 500mm.


Automotive Ambient Light (LGR-R) Specifications



LGR-R (Reflection type)

Automotive Ambient Light (LGR-R) Features
• Material: Rigid acrylic
• High brightness, high temperature resistance, can be thermoformed
• Light guide method: Side light (single or double side)
• True color technology; No visible color shifting
• Temperature resistance: -40~+100℃ in actual test
• Recommended length: Single light source within 500mm
• Customizable shape

Customized service
• Customized layout service to meet the light effect of customer needs
• Skilled processing and molding services, installation and use with customer accessories

Light Effect for LGR-R

The optically designed reflective light guide strip can be matched with an RGB LED light source to achieve the light output effect required by customers. It is widely used in the atmosphere lighting in cars, the function display of home appliances, the shell decoration of gaming products and the shell display of industrial parts. lights... wait.

SMEACRYLIC Exclusive Packaging Service
Since the acrylic material has a water absorption rate of 0.3%, in order to avoid the length change of the acrylic light guide strip due to the absorption of moisture in the air during the long-term transportation, Xingming acrylic is vacuum-packed to reduce the The opportunity for the acrylic light guide strip to be in contact with the air ensures the quality during transportation. Our customers appreciate this packaging method.

Customized Acrylic Processing Service
  • Cutting:  Cutting according to the size required by customers, the precision tolerance can reach ±0.5mm
  • Polishing:  Treat the acrylic surface with a diamond polishing machine to make it smooth and translucent.
  • Drilling:  Drilling according to customer's requirements, and it is matched with customer's sample kit.
  • Bending:  Bending according to customer's requirements, heating the acrylic tube, and then bending with jigs.
  • Chamfering:  The edge of the acrylic pipe is chamfered to reduce sharp edges.
  • Printing:  Print patterns, words or images onto the acrylic surface to achieve personalized decorative effects.
  • Laser cutting:  Using high-power laser beams for precise cutting can achieve diverse cutting needs.
  • Assembly:  process and assemble with the accessories required by customers to complete one continuous line service.
Not all acrylic specifications are available for the above services, please inform us of your needs first, SMEACRYLIC will have a professional team to evaluate for you.
  • SMEACRYLIC® is a Taiwan based manufacturer which was founded in year 1980, a Professional Manufacturer in Extrusion Technology.
  • We specializes in extruding various kinds of plastic Profiles, Tubes, Rods and Sheets which be used in displays, decorations, lighting, illuminated advertising, architectures and a lot more applications.
  • Approximately 90% of our products are exported to over 40 countries worldwide including numerous well-known brands. Over the years, we have expanded to become the market leader in extrusion field in Asia.

We insist on using 100% virgin materials.

We insist on using international branded raw materials (Sumipex, Mitsubishi, Evonik)

We insist on keeping sample records of raw materials, all raw materials are traceable.

Technical Service
SME is a customer driven company. Only satisfied customer will ensure our continued success. Buying goods from SME you can have a comprehensive consulting service package.
The following are some of the systems that we implemented to provide our customers with the excellent support and service.
  • We developed on line catalogue for our customers.
  • Stock system always offers efficient prompt delivery.
  • Samples available for most of our products.
  • Our home-made moulds offer fast and precision work to ensure customers' satisfaction.
  • Efficient ISO-9001 managing system ensures quality stability.
Manufacturing Process
Raw material import
100% virgin material
Raw material inspection
Test raw material melt index
Raw material drying, remove moisture
Shapes produced through different dies
Cooling and shaping
Control extrusion speed
Cut to size
Cut according to the required length
Projection measure
Accurately measure via magnification
QC inspection
4 steps inspection applies during extrusion
Carton package to enhance product protection
Instant warehousing, EPR control
Well packed for delivery
Inspection Equipment
Non-contact Image Measure System
Equipped with a high-resolution and high-precision color camera to accurately measure the size through magnification.
Illumination Meter
Accurately measure illuminance, color temperature, CRI, spectrogram, and light measurement related data.
We use Mitutoyo LCD vernier calipers from Japan to ensure that the size and tolerance requirements.
Melt Flow Indexer
To detect the Melt Index of raw materials to ensure the quality and stability of raw materials.
Moisture Analyzer
To quickly determine the free water content of chemical raw material samples.
Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber
Simulate the environment of high temperature and high humidity to test the material change and strength attenuation of our products.
Production Equipment
Profile Extrusion Machines : 22 lines
Acrylic Rods
Acrylic Tubes
Other Profiles
3,500tons / yr
Production Capacity
Perfect Packaging
SMEACRYLIC® packaging advantages
  • Exclusive shrink film packaging slows down the water absorption of acrylic
  • Giving you a good cutting experience
  • Effectively avoid scratches on acrylic tube surface during cutting
  • Small tubes are bundled to increase the strength and are not easy to break
  • Bubble Wrap protects the tubes druing transportation
  • Carton protection, convenient for warehouse management
  • Square package, maximizing the storage capacity of the warehouse
ISO-9001 : 2015 CERTIFIED
International Exhibition