Light Guide Diffusion type (LGR-D)

                                                    Light Guide Diffusion type (LGR-D)

Light Guide Diffusion type (LGR-D)

The Light Guide Diffusion type(LGR-D) developed by SME has its core nano light guide material independently developed and produced by SME. The nano light guide material is evenly distributed in the whole light guide through extrusion technology. When the light source injected from one end or two ends, the light undergoes continuous collisions to produce light diffusion, so that the light is not only guided through the entire light guide rod, but also can emit light evenly at 360 degrees, and produce a soft and non-glaring luminous effect.

The most amazing thing is that when the light source is off, the entire light guide is just like a transparent acrylic rod. This product is widely used in industries such as atmosphere decoration, luminous toys, and creative luminous products. It is recommended to use a single-sided light within 1000mm.


Light Guide Diffusion type (LGR-D) Specifications


LGR-D (Diffusion type)

Light Guide Diffusion type (LGR-D) Features
• Material: Rigid acrylic
• High homogeneity
• High temperature resistance, can be thermoformed
• 360 degree luminescence

• Light guide method: Side light (single or double side) 
• True color technology; No visible color shifting
• Temperature resistance: -40~+100℃ in actual test
• Recommended length: Single light source within 1000mm
• Customizable shape

Light Guide Diffusion type (LGR-D) Application

Customized Acrylic Processing Service
  • Cutting:  Cutting according to the size required by customers, the precision tolerance can reach ±0.5mm
  • Polishing:  Treat the acrylic surface with a diamond polishing machine to make it smooth and translucent.
  • Drilling:  Drilling according to customer's requirements, and it is matched with customer's sample kit.
  • Bending:  Bending according to customer's requirements, heating the acrylic tube, and then bending with jigs.
  • Chamfering:  The edge of the acrylic pipe is chamfered to reduce sharp edges.
  • Printing:  Print patterns, words or images onto the acrylic surface to achieve personalized decorative effects.
  • Laser cutting:  Using high-power laser beams for precise cutting can achieve diverse cutting needs.
  • Assembly:  process and assemble with the accessories required by customers to complete one continuous line service.
Not all acrylic specifications are available for the above services, please inform us of your needs first, SMEACRYLIC will have a professional team to evaluate for you.
  • SMEACRYLIC® is a Taiwan based manufacturer which was founded in year 1980, a Professional Manufacturer in Extrusion Technology.
  • We specializes in extruding various kinds of plastic Profiles, Tubes, Rods and Sheets which be used in displays, decorations, lighting, illuminated advertising, architectures and a lot more applications.
  • Approximately 90% of our products are exported to over 40 countries worldwide including numerous well-known brands. Over the years, we have expanded to become the market leader in extrusion field in Asia.

We insist on using 100% virgin materials.

We insist on using international branded raw materials (Sumipex, Mitsubishi, Evonik)

We insist on keeping sample records of raw materials, all raw materials are traceable.

Technical Service
SME is a customer driven company. Only satisfied customer will ensure our continued success. Buying goods from SME you can have a comprehensive consulting service package.
The following are some of the systems that we implemented to provide our customers with the excellent support and service.
  • We developed on line catalogue for our customers.
  • Stock system always offers efficient prompt delivery.
  • Samples available for most of our products.
  • Our home-made moulds offer fast and precision work to ensure customers' satisfaction.
  • Efficient ISO-9001 managing system ensures quality stability.
Manufacturing Process
Raw material import
100% virgin material
Raw material inspection
Test raw material melt index
Raw material drying, remove moisture
Shapes produced through different dies
Cooling and shaping
Control extrusion speed
Cut to size
Cut according to the required length
Projection measure
Accurately measure via magnification
QC inspection
4 steps inspection applies during extrusion
Carton package to enhance product protection
Instant warehousing, EPR control
Well packed for delivery
Inspection Equipment
Non-contact Image Measure System
Equipped with a high-resolution and high-precision color camera to accurately measure the size through magnification.
Illumination Meter
Accurately measure illuminance, color temperature, CRI, spectrogram, and light measurement related data.
We use Mitutoyo LCD vernier calipers from Japan to ensure that the size and tolerance requirements.
Melt Flow Indexer
To detect the Melt Index of raw materials to ensure the quality and stability of raw materials.
Moisture Analyzer
To quickly determine the free water content of chemical raw material samples.
Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber
Simulate the environment of high temperature and high humidity to test the material change and strength attenuation of our products.
Production Equipment
Profile Extrusion Machines : 22 lines
Acrylic Rods
Acrylic Tubes
Other Profiles
3,500tons / yr
Production Capacity
Perfect Packaging
SMEACRYLIC® packaging advantages
  • Exclusive shrink film packaging slows down the water absorption of acrylic
  • Giving you a good cutting experience
  • Effectively avoid scratches on acrylic tube surface during cutting
  • Small tubes are bundled to increase the strength and are not easy to break
  • Bubble Wrap protects the tubes druing transportation
  • Carton protection, convenient for warehouse management
  • Square package, maximizing the storage capacity of the warehouse
ISO-9001 : 2015 CERTIFIED
International Exhibition

Related FAQ

Light Guide Rod introduction
Q: Introduction of Automtive Light Guide Rod     Automtive light guide rod are a kind of decoration with linear lights, which are often installed on cars. This decorative item can bring a unique visual effect to the car, improve its recognition and safety, and can also create a unique atmosphere for the car interior.     Automtive light guide rod usually consist of one or two LED lights and soft light guide strips, which can be installed in headlights, taillights, door edges, and under the body of the car. According to different needs and scenes, different colors, brightness, flashing modes, etc. can be set. For example, when the vehicle brakes, the light guide strip can automatically turn red to increase the recognition of the brake; when the vehicle is started, the light guide strip can flash briefly to increase the visual effect. In addition, some high-end car brands will also install light guide strips in the car to create a unique interior lighting effect and enhance the riding atmosphere.   In the past, Automtive light guide rod were only used as car decoration, but now more and more vehicle manufacturers have taken them into consideration in car design and become a part of car safety design. The light guide rod can improve the driver's recognition of the vehicle at night or in low visibility conditions, reducing the risk of accidents. In addition, the light guide rod can also provide better visual cues for pedestrians and other vehicles, enhancing driving safety.   With the continuous advancement and application of science and technology, automotive light guide rod are also constantly developing and innovating. Now, some high-end car brands have begun to use more intelligent technologies, such as voice control, gesture control, etc., to make the use of light guides more convenient and intelligent. At the same time, the lighting effects and colors of the light guide rod have also been continuously improved and innovated, making the visual effects of the car more colorful.   However, at the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the use restrictions and safety risks of vehicle light guide strips. For example, in some countries and regions, the use of automotive light guides is restricted or banned because it may interfere with the vision of other drivers or pedestrians. In addition, excessive use of light guide strips may distract drivers and even lead to accidents.   Therefore, when using light guide rod for vehicles, you should abide by relevant local laws and regulations, use them in moderation, and pay attention to safety. At the same time, manufacturers also need to pay attention to quality and safety in the process of product development and manufacturing to ensure product stability and reliability. Q: Types of light guide strips for vehicles Light guide strip is a lighting element widely used in automobile exterior design. They are usually used to decorate the front and rear lights of the vehicle, and can make the vehicle more bright and eye-catching when driving at night, the following are some common types of light guide strips for vehicles:   Monochrome light guide rod: Monochrome light guide strips can only emit a single color of light, usually white or blue.   Multi-color light guide rod: The multi-color light guide strip can emit a variety of different colors, and the color and brightness can be changed by remote control or mobile APP control.   Rainbow light guide rod: The rainbow light guide strip is a kind of changing and colorful light guide strip, which can change colors automatically, and the effect is very cool.   Two-color light guide rod: The two-color light guide strip can emit two different colors of light at the same time, usually white and yellow, and can be used as car daytime running lights and turn signals.   Flowing water light guide rod:Flowing water light guide strip is a light guide strip with flowing water effect, which can simulate the effects of flowing water, breathing, marquee and so on.   Door light guide rod: The door light guide strip is a light guide strip installed under the door, which can be used to illuminate and decorate the vehicle, and can also improve the recognition of the vehicle. Q: Selection key points When choosing a light guide strip for a vehicle, you need to pay attention to the following points:   1. Clear usage requirements:Choose the type, color, brightness and other parameters of the light guide strip according to your own needs, such as whether it is used as a vehicle atmosphere light or as a vehicle lighting lamp.   2. Appropriate size: The size of the light guide strip should match the interior space of the vehicle, and it should not be too long or too short, otherwise the installation effect will be affected.   3. Material considerations:The material of the light guide strip needs to consider its durability, compression resistance, light transmission and other factors, and choose the appropriate material according to your actual needs.   4. Installation method: The installation method of the light guide strip also needs to be considered. Some light guide strips can be directly pasted inside the vehicle, and some need to be fixed and supported. It needs to be selected according to the actual situation.   5. Brand and quality: The brand and quality of the light guide strip are also factors that need to be considered when choosing. Choosing a reputable manufacturer and high-quality products can ensure the use effect and service life of the light guide strip.   In addition to the selection focus mentioned above, there are some details that need attention:   1. Waterproof level: Because the vehicle will be affected by the natural environment such as wind and rain during driving, the light guide strip for the vehicle needs to have a certain waterproof level to ensure that it can be used normally under severe weather conditions.   2. Brightness adjustment: The brightness adjustment of the vehicle light guide strip is also a factor that needs to be considered, because in some cases it is necessary to adjust the brightness of the light guide strip. For example, when driving at night, it is necessary to reduce the brightness of the light guide strip to avoid affecting driving safety.   3. Control method:The control method of the vehicle light guide strip is also a factor that needs to be considered. There are many control methods for the light guide strip on the market, including remote control, mobile phone APP, vehicle screen, etc. It is necessary to choose the appropriate control according to the actual situation Way.   4. Solder joint quality: The quality of the solder joints of the light guide strip is also very important. If the quality of the solder joints is not good, it is easy to cause problems such as failure of the light guide strip or short circuit. In serious cases, it may cause damage to the vehicle's circuit system, so attention should be paid The solder joint quality of the light guide strip.     5. Safety:The safety of vehicle light guide strips is also a factor to be considered, because unsafe light guide strips may pose a threat to the safety of drivers and passengers, such as circuit failures, short circuits, etc. Choose safe and reliable products. Q: Features Compared with light guide strips made of other materials, acrylic light guide strips have the following characteristics:   1. High transparency: Acrylic has very high transparency, which can allow light to pass through the light guide strip more evenly, making the brightness of the entire light strip more uniform.   2. Excellent optical performance: the acrylic light guide strip has very good optical performance, which can well concentrate the light to the place that needs to be illuminated and improve the lighting effect.   3. Strong durability:Acrylic light guide strips have high hardness and compression resistance, are not easy to break, and are not easy to be affected by moisture, so they can be used in humid environments.   4. Good elasticity:The acrylic light guide strip has a certain degree of elasticity and can be bent as needed to make light strips of various shapes to meet different application requirements.   5. High safety: Acrylic light guide strips are not easy to burn, and do not contain toxic substances, which are safe for human body and environment.   Therefore, acrylic light guide strips are widely used in automotive atmosphere lights, advertising light boxes, decorative lighting and other fields.    Q: Application  Automotive interior light guide strips can be used for interior decoration and lighting of vehicles to create various atmospheres and effects. The following are some application scenarios of automotive interior light guide strips:   1. Interior lighting:The interior light guide strips for vehicles can be used for interior lighting to enhance the interior lighting effect and improve driving safety. For example, it can be installed on the edge of the door, on the roof, under the seat, etc.   2. Car atmosphere light: The car interior light guide strip can be used as a car atmosphere light, and the color and brightness can be controlled through the remote control or mobile APP to create different atmosphere effects, such as red for enthusiasm, blue for calm, etc.   3. Audio and lighting effects:The car interior light guide strip can be used with the car audio system to simultaneously display the rhythm and beat of the music, creating a more dynamic effect.   4. Safety reminder:The car interior light guide strip can be used for safety reminder, for example, it is installed on the edge of the car door. When the door is opened, it can remind the surrounding pedestrians and vehicles to pay attention to avoid accidents.   In short, the application scenarios of automotive interior light guide strips are very wide, which can make vehicles more beautiful, safe and comfortable.
Inspection Equipment
Q: SMEACRYLIC's Inspection Equipment The inspection SOP from the incoming of raw materials to the shipment of finished products, the inspection equipment is as follows, in line with the ISO9001 quality management system, to ensure that the products can meet the needs of customers. ◆ Electronic vernier calipers, digital centimeters, electronic scales:Make sure the size and weight meet the tolerance requirements.      ◆ Illuminometer:It has a multi-probe network to form a multi-point illumination measurement system, which can accurately and efficiently measure the illumination of acrylic light guide strips. The measurable parameters include plane illumination (horizontal illumination, vertical illumination), illumination difference, illumination ratio, integral Illuminance, average illuminance, etc. ◆ Handheld Spectral Color Light Meter:It is a multi-functional and easy-to-operate spectrophotometer, which can be accurately measured without a computer. It can measure the illuminance, color temperature, CRI, spectrogram, and light measurement related data of acrylic light guide strips to meet customer requirements. Product inspection standards.     ◆ Laser measuring instrument:Measuring range: 4x4mm or 13x13mm, measurable diameter: 0.03~10mm, repeatability: up to ± 0.03 µm, in the production process of the light guide strip, with a laser measuring instrument to measure the size per second, high-precision measurement The measurement system can ensure that the size of each batch of light guide bars can meet customer needs.     ◆ Moisture Analyzer:After the raw material particles are baked, a moisture analyzer is used to detect the moisture content of the acrylic.       ◆ Plastic Melt Index Tester:Each batch of raw materials entering the factory will check the MI value to ensure that the quality and stability of acrylic raw materials are in line with the data provided by the original factory.   According to ASTM D1238 standard temperature and load, measure the flow quality and volume of acrylic raw material particles in a certain time in the molten state, and calculate the melt volume flow rate (MVR) and melt gravimetric flow rate (MFR). ◆ Programmable constant humidity and constant temperature testing machine:Acrylic has good weather resistance, but physical changes may still occur in the face of temperature and humidity in various countries, so this device can simulate acrylic. After testing at different temperatures and humidity, Whether there will be yellowing and qualitative change to evaluate the degree of weather resistance under various environmental conditions. ◆ Alcohol Stress Test:All products produced by SME will be tested for stress. We will test the acrylic products in production by immersing them in 95 degree alcohol for 5 minutes to ensure that the products will not be caused by residual stress, which may cause damage to the products during processing. Cracking or fogging phenomenon.  
Lighting Articles-Application of crylic Tube and Rod
     Acrylic Tube/Rod is a very creative and versatile design element in lighting applications. They take advantage of the transparent properties and changeable colors of acrylic tube materials to create unique lighting effects by adding LED lights or other lighting sources inside. The following is an introduction to the application of acrylic tube rod lighting:    1. LED Light Strip Lighting:Acrylic tube sticks can be used to make LED light strips. Place the LED light strip inside the acrylic tube rod, the light will be refracted and reflected multiple times inside the acrylic tube rod, so that the light will be more evenly scattered on the surface of the entire acrylic tube rod, thus creating a Soft and uniform lighting effect. This lighting application can be used in indoor lighting, display cabinet lighting, lantern festivals and other occasions. REF:Ge Wei Design / Taichung Lantern Festival   2. Backlight box: Acrylic pipe sticks can also be used in backlight boxes. Backlight box is a common advertising display design. LED light sources are placed inside, and the light is guided through acrylic tube rods to make the entire light box evenly illuminated. This type of lighting application is very popular in commercial displays, billboards, etc.  REF.:Chino Village Japanese Landscape Restaurant    3. Decorative lighting: Acrylic pipe sticks can be used as lighting or decorative elements. In the design of lighting or decorative objects, through proper lighting design, the light can form a unique light guide effect inside the acrylic tube rod, creating a unique visual effect, adding to the beauty and artistic atmosphere of the space.  REF.:CITRA Store   4. Indoor lighting:Acrylic pipe sticks can also be applied in indoor furniture design, such as hanging lights, chandeliers, etc. The guidance and refraction of light inside the acrylic tube rod can create a unique lighting effect, adding a sense of modernity and personality to the interior space.  【Crystal Lamps】 REF.: 【Floor Lamp】 REF.: 【Design Lamps】  REF:   【Atomic Tube Lighting】  REF:   5. Outdoor lighting: It can be used as a material for lampposts or beams, providing unique and modern light effects, however acrylic has excellent weather resistance and durability, making it ideal for outdoor lighting applications, such as setting in parks , in the garden or courtyard, it can create a charming lighting atmosphere, elevate the night scenery to a new level, and add personality and artistry to the outdoor space.  REF.:   6. Hall lighting: Hanging a large chandelier or pendant lamp on the top of the hall can create an elegant atmosphere and provide the main lighting for the entire space. The design of the chandelier can be selected according to the style and decoration of the hall to create an atmosphere. Lighting is very important, because the hall is usually the entrance to the building, and it is also a place for receiving guests and communicating.  REF:   7. Furniture application: Acrylic rods can also play a lot of creative and practical functions. Due to the transparency and firmness of acrylic rods, it can bring a unique visual effect and a modern touch in furniture design. In addition, combining acrylic rods with other materials, such as metal, wood, etc., can also create more rich and varied design effects. Whether it's contemporary, minimal or otherwise, acrylic sticks make a great addition to any furniture design.   However, creating a light fixture using acrylic rods involves several considerations to ensure both aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency. Here are some key points to keep in mind:   Material Selection: Choose high-quality acrylic rods that are durable and provide the desired level of transparency or opaqueness. Design Concept: Have a clear design concept in mind. Consider the overall aesthetics, size, and shape of the light fixture. Sketch your design before starting the construction. Lighting Requirements: Determine the type of lighting you want – ambient, task, or accent lighting. This will influence the design and placement of the acrylic rods. Structural Integrity: Ensure the structural integrity of the fixture. Acrylic rods can be brittle, so design the structure to distribute weight evenly and prevent breakage. Attachment and Joining: Plan how the acrylic rods will be attached and joined together. Explore methods such as solvent bonding, mechanical fasteners, or other secure options. Light Source: Choose an appropriate light source. LED lights are commonly used for acrylic fixtures due to their low heat emission and energy efficiency. Diffusion: If you want a diffused light effect, consider adding a diffusing material or treatment to the acrylic rods to soften the light and reduce glare. Heat Management: Acrylic can warp or degrade if exposed to excessive heat. Ensure proper heat management by choosing LED lights with low heat emission and providing sufficient ventilation. Safety Considerations: Round sharp edges and corners to prevent injuries. Ensure that the fixture meets safety standards and regulations. Cleaning and Maintenance: Consider ease of cleaning and maintenance. Acrylic surfaces can scratch easily, so choose a cleaning method that won’t damage the material. Installation: Plan for easy installation. Consider the weight of the fixture and ensure that the mounting system is secure and suitable for the installation location. Test the Design: Before finalizing the design, create a prototype or test version to identify any potential issues and make necessary adjustments. By paying attention to these factors, you can create a visually appealing and functional light fixture using acrylic rods.   Generally speaking, the lighting application of acrylic tube sticks is very flexible and diverse, which can bring innovation, fashion and beauty to the space. The lighting design using acrylic tube sticks needs to be selected and configured according to specific occasions and needs to ensure the best lighting effect. At the same time, please ensure safety and reasonable lighting design, and cooperate with professional designers to ensure the best lighting effect and interior design effect.