Light Guide Diffusion type (LGR-D)

                                                Light Guide Diffusion type (LGR-D)

Light Guide Diffusion type (LGR-D)

The Light Guide Diffusion type(LGR-D) developed by SME has its core nano light guide material independently developed and produced by SME. The nano light guide material is evenly distributed in the whole light guide through extrusion technology. When the light source injected from one end or two ends, the light undergoes continuous collisions to produce light diffusion, so that the light is not only guided through the entire light guide rod, but also can emit light evenly at 360 degrees, and produce a soft and non-glaring luminous effect.

The most amazing thing is that when the light source is off, the entire light guide is just like a transparent acrylic rod. This product is widely used in industries such as atmosphere decoration, luminous toys, and creative luminous products. It is recommended to use a single-sided light within 1000mm.


Light Guide Diffusion type (LGR-D) Specifications


LGR-D (Diffusion type)

Light Guide Diffusion type (LGR-D) Features
• Material: Rigid acrylic
• High homogeneity
• High temperature resistance, can be thermoformed
• 360 degree luminescence

• Light guide method: Side light (single or double side) 
• True color technology; No visible color shifting
• Temperature resistance: -40~+100℃ in actual test
• Recommended length: Single light source within 1000mm
• Customizable shape