Interior Design-Application of Acrylic Tube and Rod

      Acrylic Tubes/Rods  are becoming more and more popular in interior design because of their ability to create unique and impressive visual effects. Its interior appears to be something floating in the air.


Design concept: To create a modern, stylish and memorable space, while using the unique properties of acrylic pipe sticks to create a sense of lightness, transparency and space. The following are several cases of acrylic tube stick interior design case sharing:


1. Hall design: Hang multiple acrylic rods of different lengths above the ceiling of the hall, extending vertically from the ceiling to the ground. These tubes can be clear, or you can use different colored acrylic tube sticks to create a variety of different visual effects.




2. Exhibition compartment: Utilize the transparent properties and changeable colors of acrylic tube materials to create a unique and memorable display effect. These booth partitions are usually used in various types of exhibitions, exhibitions, events, showrooms and other places to divide the display space, display products or services, and attract the attention of the audience.




3. Enclosure design: This design uses acrylic materials to build enclosures, replacing traditional brick walls or other solid material enclosures. Its transparent or translucent properties allow light to pass through and produce unique visual effects, making the space Full of lightness and openness. Although the acrylic fence is transparent, its material is generally strong and durable, and has good compression and impact resistance. This makes it not lose to traditional fence materials in terms of safety.

REF.: 2022 Park Qunjian Project


4. Back wall design: Acrylic tube back wall design uses transparent acrylic tube materials for sandblasting and LED lighting to create a unique and modern background, enhance the atmosphere of the space and attract visual effects, making the entire back wall Full of life and vitality.

REF.: Li Lin Design


5. Screen design: This design combines acrylic tube screen and flowing water elements to create a unique and stunning visual enjoyment. In addition, LED lights are used to illuminate the inside of the acrylic tube or under the flowing water, which can create a unique lighting atmosphere at night and enhance the beauty of the space.





6. Lighting effect design: Adding LED lights inside or at the bottom of the acrylic tube rod can produce unique lighting effects. Through the refraction effect of the acrylic tube, the LED light can produce a soft and bright lighting effect, adding a sense of layering and atmosphere to the interior space.

REF.: Shin Kong Mitsubishi Southwest Store



7. Display racks and display cabinets: Combine acrylic tubes into frames, which can be used as display racks or display cabinets to display and display products or artworks. Transparent acrylic tubes allow the displayed items to be better displayed without blocking the view.


8. Indoor furniture:Acrylic pipe sticks can also be applied in indoor furniture design, such as chairs, tables, bookshelves, etc. These pieces of furniture are available in acrylic tubes in different colors and shapes, adding a modern touch and personalization to the interior space.





9. Art installation: The unique transparency and light guide effect of the acrylic rod, combined with the RGB gradient light source, can effectively guide the light and distribute it evenly throughout the rod, creating a unique light guide effect. It can be used to create art installations, adding artistic atmosphere and highlights to the interior space.


The interior design of acrylic pipe sticks can bring innovation, fashion and beauty to the space, while providing practicality and functionality. You can use your creativity to create a unique interior space according to your personal preferences and space needs. However, attention needs to be paid to its material properties and maintenance requirements to ensure safety and durability. Professional designers and architects can provide more professional suggestions and ideas on the application of acrylic interior design.