Inspection Equipment
From raw materials to products, SMEACRYLIC has SOP inspection procedures, and its inspection equipment is as follows to ensure that products meet inspection standards....
SMEACRYLIC packaging
Different from the packaging methods of other factories, 99% of the acrylic products produced by SMEACRYLIC are packed in carton boxes. The advantages of this packaging are convenient for warehouse control, transparency of specifications and quantities, proper protection of products, and avoidance of bumps and damages....
Acrylic Cut? Bend? Glued? Drilling?
The cutting of acrylic pipes and rods is generally performed with a sawing table, but it should be noted that the cutting of large pipes needs to be rotated to avoid breaking the pipes. In addition, when cutting acrylic sheets under 5mm, in addition to laser (laser) cutting and sawing, you can also use an "acrylic knife" to repeatedly cut the grooves to half the thickness of the board, and then follow the The acrylic sheet is broken off by the side of the table. If you need to cut thick acrylic sheets, it is recommended to seek a professional acrylic processing factory.
Type of polishing for Acrylic
There will be traces of wire cuts on the surface of the cut acrylic. At this time, polishing can be used to restore the transparent and bright effect of the acrylic. The polishing methods are divided into manual polishing, flame burning, cloth wheel polishing, and sharp knife. Scraping, or polishing (flat) with a professional diamond polishing machine.
Acrylic cleaning and maintenance
When cleaning acrylic, you need to use a soft cloth dampened with water to wipe, do not use a vegetable cloth or coarse cloth to avoid scratching the acrylic. Acrylic can be wiped with alcohol, but it is recommended to spray it on a soft cloth before wiping. Do not use high-concentration alcohol to avoid fog or cracks on the acrylic. A: If the acrylic has slight scratches, it can be treated with "US NOVUS ". It is a remover, cleaning agent, and maintenance agent. It can wipe off small scratches and make the acrylic back to transparent and bright, but Cannot be used on optical lenses. If the scratches are deep, it is recommended to use a cloth wheel for polishing. A: Acrylic has good weather resistance, and it will not yellow under long-term exposure to UV light, but if the plastic raw material is not 100% new, some recycled materials are added, which will cause acrylic The possibility of yellowing, if yellowing has occurred, it means that it has deteriorated and cannot be treated with cleaning methods. It is recommended to buy it again.