Reflective Film

                                                Reflective Film

Reflective Film

Reflector Film is excellent in both temperature and weather resistance. It offers a zero-color difference, which result in a perfect reflectance performance compare with other leading brand in the market. Out reflector film is not only just a green product, but also act as a symbol of quality.


Reflective Film Specifications

PropertyUnitIndex Test Method
Thicknessμm188GB/T 13542.2-2009
Thickness tolerance%±4
Tensile strength ≥MDMPa110
Elongation at break ≥MD%90
Heat shrinkage(150℃,30min)MD%2.5
Reflectivity ≥%97SME method
Light transmittance<%3ASTM D 1003
Note - SME method: Spectrophotometer method, BASO4 white board as standard board, the reflectivity data at 550nm.

Reflective Film Features
• Reflector Film provide ultra-high reflectivity for use in lighting, and signage with only 0.188mm.

Reflective Film Application
• Panel Light
• LED Lighting
• Backlighting