Extruded Acrylic Solid Rod with Inner Color Lines

                                                    Extruded Acrylic Solid Rod with Inner Color Lines

                                                    Extruded Acrylic Solid Rod with Inner Color Lines

                                                    Extruded Acrylic Solid Rod with Inner Color Lines

Extruded Acrylic Solid Rod with Inner Color Lines

Acrylic Solid rod with inner color lines:

●Made by pure 100% PMMA raw materials in Taiwan.

●Rod Inner color lines type: Spiral line, Straight line.

●Good light transmittance

●Solid rod is very dazzling when combined with lights.

●It is very suitable for furniture decoration and store decoration.


Extruded Acrylic Rod with Inner Color Lines Specifications

Dia. (mm)Tolerance (mm)Length (mm)Package pc/ctn
12.0± 0.152000100
16.0± 0.20200060
19.0± 0.20200040
22.0± 0.30200030
25.0± 0.30200025
32.0± 0.35200015
38.0± 0.5020009
50.0± 0.8020005

Extruded Acrylic Rod with Inner color lines type: Spiral line, Straight line.

Extruded Acrylic Rod with Inner Color Lines Features
• It has good light transmittance.

• It is very dazzling when combined with lights.

• We offer acrylic rod with inner color lines on stock.
• SME Acrylic solid rod 100% made in Taiwan.

Applications (Video starts at 00:50)

Customized Acrylic Processing Service
  • Cutting:  Cutting according to the size required by customers, the precision tolerance can reach ±0.5mm
  • Polishing:  Treat the acrylic surface with a diamond polishing machine to make it smooth and translucent.
  • Drilling:  Drilling according to customer's requirements, and it is matched with customer's sample kit.
  • Bending:  Bending according to customer's requirements, heating the acrylic tube, and then bending with jigs.
  • Chamfering:  The edge of the acrylic pipe is chamfered to reduce sharp edges.
  • Printing:  Print patterns, words or images onto the acrylic surface to achieve personalized decorative effects.
  • Laser cutting:  Using high-power laser beams for precise cutting can achieve diverse cutting needs.
  • Assembly:  process and assemble with the accessories required by customers to complete one continuous line service.
Not all acrylic specifications are available for the above services, please inform us of your needs first, SMEACRYLIC will have a professional team to evaluate for you.
  • SMEACRYLIC® is a Taiwan based manufacturer which was founded in year 1980, a Professional Manufacturer in Extrusion Technology.
  • We specializes in extruding various kinds of plastic Profiles, Tubes, Rods and Sheets which be used in displays, decorations, lighting, illuminated advertising, architectures and a lot more applications.
  • Approximately 90% of our products are exported to over 40 countries worldwide including numerous well-known brands. Over the years, we have expanded to become the market leader in extrusion field in Asia.

We insist on using 100% virgin materials.

We insist on using international branded raw materials (Sumipex, Mitsubishi, Evonik)

We insist on keeping sample records of raw materials, all raw materials are traceable.

Technical Service
SME is a customer driven company. Only satisfied customer will ensure our continued success. Buying goods from SME you can have a comprehensive consulting service package.
The following are some of the systems that we implemented to provide our customers with the excellent support and service.
  • We developed on line catalogue for our customers.
  • Stock system always offers efficient prompt delivery.
  • Samples available for most of our products.
  • Our home-made moulds offer fast and precision work to ensure customers' satisfaction.
  • Efficient ISO-9001 managing system ensures quality stability.
Manufacturing Process
Raw material import
100% virgin material
Raw material inspection
Test raw material melt index
Raw material drying, remove moisture
Shapes produced through different dies
Cooling and shaping
Control extrusion speed
Cut to size
Cut according to the required length
Projection measure
Accurately measure via magnification
QC inspection
4 steps inspection applies during extrusion
Carton package to enhance product protection
Instant warehousing, EPR control
Well packed for delivery
Inspection Equipment
Non-contact Image Measure System
Equipped with a high-resolution and high-precision color camera to accurately measure the size through magnification.
Illumination Meter
Accurately measure illuminance, color temperature, CRI, spectrogram, and light measurement related data.
We use Mitutoyo LCD vernier calipers from Japan to ensure that the size and tolerance requirements.
Melt Flow Indexer
To detect the Melt Index of raw materials to ensure the quality and stability of raw materials.
Moisture Analyzer
To quickly determine the free water content of chemical raw material samples.
Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber
Simulate the environment of high temperature and high humidity to test the material change and strength attenuation of our products.
Production Equipment
Profile Extrusion Machines : 22 lines
Acrylic Rods
Acrylic Tubes
Other Profiles
3,500tons / yr
Production Capacity
Perfect Packaging
SMEACRYLIC® packaging advantages
  • Exclusive shrink film packaging slows down the water absorption of acrylic
  • Giving you a good cutting experience
  • Effectively avoid scratches on acrylic tube surface during cutting
  • Small tubes are bundled to increase the strength and are not easy to break
  • Bubble Wrap protects the tubes druing transportation
  • Carton protection, convenient for warehouse management
  • Square package, maximizing the storage capacity of the warehouse
ISO-9001 : 2015 CERTIFIED
International Exhibition

Related FAQ

Lighting Articles-Application of crylic Tube and Rod
     Acrylic Tube/Rod is a very creative and versatile design element in lighting applications. They take advantage of the transparent properties and changeable colors of acrylic tube materials to create unique lighting effects by adding LED lights or other lighting sources inside. The following is an introduction to the application of acrylic tube rod lighting:    1. LED Light Strip Lighting:Acrylic tube sticks can be used to make LED light strips. Place the LED light strip inside the acrylic tube rod, the light will be refracted and reflected multiple times inside the acrylic tube rod, so that the light will be more evenly scattered on the surface of the entire acrylic tube rod, thus creating a Soft and uniform lighting effect. This lighting application can be used in indoor lighting, display cabinet lighting, lantern festivals and other occasions. REF:Ge Wei Design / Taichung Lantern Festival   2. Backlight box: Acrylic pipe sticks can also be used in backlight boxes. Backlight box is a common advertising display design. LED light sources are placed inside, and the light is guided through acrylic tube rods to make the entire light box evenly illuminated. This type of lighting application is very popular in commercial displays, billboards, etc.  REF.:Chino Village Japanese Landscape Restaurant    3. Decorative lighting: Acrylic pipe sticks can be used as lighting or decorative elements. In the design of lighting or decorative objects, through proper lighting design, the light can form a unique light guide effect inside the acrylic tube rod, creating a unique visual effect, adding to the beauty and artistic atmosphere of the space.  REF.:CITRA Store   4. Indoor lighting:Acrylic pipe sticks can also be applied in indoor furniture design, such as hanging lights, chandeliers, etc. The guidance and refraction of light inside the acrylic tube rod can create a unique lighting effect, adding a sense of modernity and personality to the interior space.  【Crystal Lamps】 REF.:https://www.amazon.com/ 【Floor Lamp】 REF.:https://www.pinterest.com/ 【Design Lamps】  REF:https://www.wayfair.ca/   【Atomic Tube Lighting】  REF:https://www.designboom.com/   5. Outdoor lighting: It can be used as a material for lampposts or beams, providing unique and modern light effects, however acrylic has excellent weather resistance and durability, making it ideal for outdoor lighting applications, such as setting in parks , in the garden or courtyard, it can create a charming lighting atmosphere, elevate the night scenery to a new level, and add personality and artistry to the outdoor space.  REF.:https://www.taobao.com/   6. Hall lighting: Hanging a large chandelier or pendant lamp on the top of the hall can create an elegant atmosphere and provide the main lighting for the entire space. The design of the chandelier can be selected according to the style and decoration of the hall to create an atmosphere. Lighting is very important, because the hall is usually the entrance to the building, and it is also a place for receiving guests and communicating.  REF:https://tuplex.rs/   7. Furniture application: Acrylic rods can also play a lot of creative and practical functions. Due to the transparency and firmness of acrylic rods, it can bring a unique visual effect and a modern touch in furniture design. In addition, combining acrylic rods with other materials, such as metal, wood, etc., can also create more rich and varied design effects. Whether it's contemporary, minimal or otherwise, acrylic sticks make a great addition to any furniture design. REF:www.lighttales.it   However, creating a light fixture using acrylic rods involves several considerations to ensure both aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency. Here are some key points to keep in mind:   Material Selection: Choose high-quality acrylic rods that are durable and provide the desired level of transparency or opaqueness. Design Concept: Have a clear design concept in mind. Consider the overall aesthetics, size, and shape of the light fixture. Sketch your design before starting the construction. Lighting Requirements: Determine the type of lighting you want – ambient, task, or accent lighting. This will influence the design and placement of the acrylic rods. Structural Integrity: Ensure the structural integrity of the fixture. Acrylic rods can be brittle, so design the structure to distribute weight evenly and prevent breakage. Attachment and Joining: Plan how the acrylic rods will be attached and joined together. Explore methods such as solvent bonding, mechanical fasteners, or other secure options. Light Source: Choose an appropriate light source. LED lights are commonly used for acrylic fixtures due to their low heat emission and energy efficiency. Diffusion: If you want a diffused light effect, consider adding a diffusing material or treatment to the acrylic rods to soften the light and reduce glare. Heat Management: Acrylic can warp or degrade if exposed to excessive heat. Ensure proper heat management by choosing LED lights with low heat emission and providing sufficient ventilation. Safety Considerations: Round sharp edges and corners to prevent injuries. Ensure that the fixture meets safety standards and regulations. Cleaning and Maintenance: Consider ease of cleaning and maintenance. Acrylic surfaces can scratch easily, so choose a cleaning method that won’t damage the material. Installation: Plan for easy installation. Consider the weight of the fixture and ensure that the mounting system is secure and suitable for the installation location. Test the Design: Before finalizing the design, create a prototype or test version to identify any potential issues and make necessary adjustments. By paying attention to these factors, you can create a visually appealing and functional light fixture using acrylic rods.   Generally speaking, the lighting application of acrylic tube sticks is very flexible and diverse, which can bring innovation, fashion and beauty to the space. The lighting design using acrylic tube sticks needs to be selected and configured according to specific occasions and needs to ensure the best lighting effect. At the same time, please ensure safety and reasonable lighting design, and cooperate with professional designers to ensure the best lighting effect and interior design effect.
Acrylic Material properties and benefits?
Q: What is the water absorption rate of acrylic?      The water absorption rate of acrylic is 0.3~0.4%. If the acrylic material absorbs too much water, it is prone to foaming during thermoforming, and it is also prone to cracking and appearance deformation during printing. If it is stored in a humid environment, it will affect the expansion and contraction of the product. If you are very demanding on dimensional tolerances, it is recommended to store it in a dehumidification chamber or vacuum treatment. SMEACRYLIC has nearly 100 pings of dehumidification warehouse space to store all kinds of plates, which can avoid the damage and deformation of the plates due to the humidity of the environment. Q: What are the advantages of acrylic material? ◆High transparency, light transmittance up to 92%, has the reputation of "plastic crystal". ◆High thickness can still maintain high transparency, with crystal texture. ◆Excellent weather resistance, strong adaptability to the natural environment, even if it is exposed to sunlight, wind and rain for a long time, it will not ◆It has changed its performance, has good anti-aging performance, and can be used outdoors with peace of mind, ranking first among other plastics. ◆Good surface hardness and gloss. ◆Thermoplastic plastic, with great plasticity, suitable for machining and easy thermoforming. ◆Chemical resistance, suitable for all kinds of painting and printing. ◆Easy color matching, bright and full color. ◆Acrylic's specific gravity is less than half of that of ordinary glass, but its anti-fragmentation ability is several times higher; it has good insulation and mechanical strength; it has strong corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis and salts; and it is easy to process ; Can be used for manual and mechanical processing such as bonding, sawing, planing, drilling, carving, grinding, screen printing, sandblasting, etc. After heating, it can be bent and molded into various acrylic products. Attention :   ◆Acrylic materials cannot be stored in the same place with other organic solvents, let alone contact with organic solvents.   ◆ During transportation, the surface protective film or protective paper cannot be scratched.   ◆Can not be used in an environment where the temperature exceeds 85℃.   ◆Only use 1% soapy water when cleaning acrylic products, and use a soft cotton cloth to dip the soapy water. Do not use hard objects or dry wipes, otherwise the surface will be easily scratched.   ◆Acrylic material has a large coefficient of thermal and cold expansion. Due to temperature changes, expansion and contraction gaps should be considered.
Interior Design-Application of Acrylic Tube and Rod
      Acrylic Tubes/Rods  are becoming more and more popular in interior design because of their ability to create unique and impressive visual effects. Its interior appears to be something floating in the air.   Design concept: To create a modern, stylish and memorable space, while using the unique properties of acrylic pipe sticks to create a sense of lightness, transparency and space. The following are several cases of acrylic tube stick interior design case sharing:   1. Hall design: Hang multiple acrylic rods of different lengths above the ceiling of the hall, extending vertically from the ceiling to the ground. These tubes can be clear, or you can use different colored acrylic tube sticks to create a variety of different visual effects. REF.: https://www.jasboutique.co.uk     2. Exhibition compartment: Utilize the transparent properties and changeable colors of acrylic tube materials to create a unique and memorable display effect. These booth partitions are usually used in various types of exhibitions, exhibitions, events, showrooms and other places to divide the display space, display products or services, and attract the attention of the audience. REF.: https://www.pinterest.com/     3. Enclosure design: This design uses acrylic materials to build enclosures, replacing traditional brick walls or other solid material enclosures. Its transparent or translucent properties allow light to pass through and produce unique visual effects, making the space Full of lightness and openness. Although the acrylic fence is transparent, its material is generally strong and durable, and has good compression and impact resistance. This makes it not lose to traditional fence materials in terms of safety. REF.: 2022 Park Qunjian Project   4. Back wall design: Acrylic tube back wall design uses transparent acrylic tube materials for sandblasting and LED lighting to create a unique and modern background, enhance the atmosphere of the space and attract visual effects, making the entire back wall Full of life and vitality. REF.: Li Lin Design   5. Screen design: This design combines acrylic tube screen and flowing water elements to create a unique and stunning visual enjoyment. In addition, LED lights are used to illuminate the inside of the acrylic tube or under the flowing water, which can create a unique lighting atmosphere at night and enhance the beauty of the space.   REF.: https://www.sign96.com     6. Lighting effect design: Adding LED lights inside or at the bottom of the acrylic tube rod can produce unique lighting effects. Through the refraction effect of the acrylic tube, the LED light can produce a soft and bright lighting effect, adding a sense of layering and atmosphere to the interior space. REF.: Shin Kong Mitsubishi Southwest Store     7. Display racks and display cabinets: Combine acrylic tubes into frames, which can be used as display racks or display cabinets to display and display products or artworks. Transparent acrylic tubes allow the displayed items to be better displayed without blocking the view.   8. Indoor furniture:Acrylic pipe sticks can also be applied in indoor furniture design, such as chairs, tables, bookshelves, etc. These pieces of furniture are available in acrylic tubes in different colors and shapes, adding a modern touch and personalization to the interior space.   REF.: https://www.bedbathandbeyond.ca     9. Art installation: The unique transparency and light guide effect of the acrylic rod, combined with the RGB gradient light source, can effectively guide the light and distribute it evenly throughout the rod, creating a unique light guide effect. It can be used to create art installations, adding artistic atmosphere and highlights to the interior space.   The interior design of acrylic pipe sticks can bring innovation, fashion and beauty to the space, while providing practicality and functionality. You can use your creativity to create a unique interior space according to your personal preferences and space needs. However, attention needs to be paid to its material properties and maintenance requirements to ensure safety and durability. Professional designers and architects can provide more professional suggestions and ideas on the application of acrylic interior design.
Customized Acrylic ?
Q: Extrusion acrylic process?     SMEACRYLIC is the leader in extrusion manufacturing in Southeast Asia. It has 40 years of extrusion experience. The extrusion process is granular PMMA, which is heated and melted into a molten state. Then, the plastic material is pushed into the mold by extrusion. , and then set by water cooling. After cooling and setting, it will be cut according to the required length. The extruded acrylic products will produce round tubes (rods) or special-shaped products according to different mold shapes. Acrylic extrusion process steps:   1. Material preparation: Melt the acrylic raw material (PMMA particles), usually using a dedicated acrylic extruder. Acrylic is usually supplied in granular form, and different raw materials can be selected according to needs, such as transparency, color, light transmittance, etc.   2. Melting and homogeneous mixing: In the extruder, the acrylic pellets are heated and melted into a fluid state. At the same time, some additives, such as stabilizers, pigments, etc., are usually added to adjust the characteristics and appearance of the product.   3. Extrusion Extrusion: The acrylic melt passes through the screw shaft of the extruder and enters a metal mold with a shape similar to the final product. The shape of the mold can be designed according to the desired product. The acrylic flows through the mold, forming the desired shape.   4. Cooling and curing: Once the acrylic fills the mold, it goes into a cooling zone where it cools and solidifies. This can be achieved by circulating coolant through the mold, or using methods such as cooling fans or water showers to accelerate cooling.     Q: Customized crylic ?     SMEACRYLIC is a professional extruded acrylic manufacturer with rich experience in extrusion. Through different molds, various shapes can be produced. If you have other shapes, please provide drawings, we will evaluate and quote for you. Q: Make colored acrylic?     SMEACRYLIC mainly produce acrylic related products such as transparent, milky white, sand ingots, etc. If you need other colors of acrylic tube rods, you can refer to our fluorescent rod products, which are blue, red, yellow and green. Optionally, if it still cannot meet your needs, please provide the color number, we will evaluate and quote for you, or you can also request the acrylic processing factory to complete the needs by processing and dyeing transparent tubes and rods. Q: What are the dimensions of the extruded acrylic tube?     SMEACRYLIC have the most complete size of extruded acrylic tube, the outer diameter of acrylic tube is :Dia.(OD) 5 ~ 250mm, thickness 1/2/3/4/5mm, more than 130 kinds of stock sizes in stock, and other popular shapes and sizes, welcome to inquire. If you need a round tube with a larger outer diameter, you can consider Acrylic Cast Tube, the maximum outer diameter can reach 600mm. Q: Maximum production length? Although the extruded material can be extended indefinitely, considering the transportation and storage issues, the longest production length of our company is 6 meters. If you need a longer length, it is recommended to take over and glue it, otherwise there is a risk of breakage.

Related Applications

Interior Design Applications
Interior Design Applications
In interior design, acrylic materials have transparency and modernity and create unique spaces. They can divide the space into different areas while maintaining a sense of transparency, adding layering and design highlights to the space.
Installation Art Application
Installation Art Application
Acrylic materials are used to create various sculptures, installations and artworks, which are three-dimensional and spatially interactive. Transparent acrylic materials can also create dynamic and changing visual effects through the refraction and reflection of light.